What Is Landing Page?

Generally landing page is a page of website which will allow you to capture audience information and where they arrive. Simply landing page is a part of your website which is made for get targeted and some particular audience who are invited by email, messaging or other link sharing and promoting service. Most of the landing pages are looking different from other pages and it is design for fulfill specific objective.

Most commonly landing page is used for affiliate marketing and marketers are used to briefly describe about their product or services and make it cool for generating more lead. It is one of the easy advertising way with easy navigation where people do not getting bored. There are no chance to getting bothered because only interested people are comes to visit landing page when they get invitation by you.

Types of Landing Page

Making a landing page is depends on the marketers, because they are trying to convince people to sale their products or services. Most of the time types of landing page are depends on the objective of affiliate marketers and advertisers. Every types of landing page have their different motive and objective to complete. It is sure that marketers have decided how they discover audience and achieve their goal without disturbing them.

Basically there are two types of landing page.

  1. Click Through Landing Page: This type of landing page has brief description about the product or goods based on public interest. Basically this type of landing page is used for divert visitors on the final page which is the main destination of marketers. Before reach the main destination landing page data helps visitors to know about the product and if they are interested then click for the final page link. It is used for typical ecommerce product and share product link on the click through landing page.
  2. Lead Generation Landing Page: This type of landing page is used for collecting personal data from the visitors. This page has required filling some basic information like name, email, phone number etc.

Now the question is why people do submit their personal information. There are various types of uses in the lead generation landing page. You should offer something interesting what they are looking for and to get this thing they should fill some requirement. This is the simple way to get more lead and impress your audience to come back.

Actually landing page is not a general page like others page of your website, this is the page where people are invited by the marketers and also a platform to find the best deal for the people. It’s true that all the invited people do not come to visit. Only interested people has come here and some of those are making their best deal ever because they are getting more discount and get extra ordinary facilities from the general market. So we can say that making a good landing page is the best place to create your market and attract people, it is also more befitted for both.