For developing a website there are so many software available in the marketplace. But among them today in this content I’m going to discuss about some vital software. These all software are open source and can be collected from internet without any fees.

Operating system: Ubuntu

For developing a website Linux is an ideal operating system. It have high security system, virus protection, free high quality software and that’s why Linux is very popular. In internet most of the server is running by Linux. That’s why to get server mode in own computer developer basically use Linux. Linux have more than hundred version and among them Ubuntu is the most popular operating system. It is essential to say that beside web developer Ubuntu is also favorite to general user. You can download the operating system form

Website browser: Firefox

To the website developer mozile firefox is a favorite browser. As a faster and secure browser firefox has becoming the most popular browser to all the web developer. The most remarkable features of firefox is the user can change it by his/her wish. From firefox website by add-ons you can install extra software and can make it a powerful web development tool. By which you can get solution for website HTML, CSS, Javascript and so on. The most helpful add-ones are Firebug, Web Developer, FireFTP, Console², ColorZilla etc.

Code Editor: Geany

For programming Geany is a very small and light weight IDE or code editor. It works very faster and that’s why you can use it in any configuraable computer. Among a lot of features of it most remarkable are- syntax highlighting, code folding, auto complextion, compile the code, general project management etc. For linux and windows you can download geany from the site of

FTP Client: Filezilla

When a website is ready then to upload it into the server it is necessary to take a FTP client software. There are so many FTP client on the web and among them FileXilla is really an excellent software. Its interface is very straight and high quality. It’s vital feature is It can add 10 connection together with server and that’ why file can transfer easily and speedy. For windows, Mac and Linux you can get this software from

Subversion client: RapidSVN

Subversion client is a popular version control system. When serveral workers works into a project then subversion becomes essential to use. In such way main project is kept on a server. For starting the work every programmer brings a copy from main server to own computer and when the work will be finished the re-back the copy to the main server. By in such method there is no chance ot replaced one person code by another person. To use this subversion by a graphical interface there are an excellent client software name RapidSVN. For new user it gives an easy interface and on the other hand for expert user it gives the opportunity to use all the features. For all operating systems, you can download it from

Diff And Merge

Meld is a virtual Diff and Merge software. By this software you will able to get the difference between same file and can make changes. You can also add it with Rapidsvn.

Virtual machine: Virtual Box

Those are working in Linux operating system for them the most helpful software is virtual box. By this you can run any operating system in the middle of linux. Frequently it can see that a website shows different mode in different browser. That’s why after making a website it is essential to make it user friendly for every browser. Most of the case firefox open the browser without any trouble but internet explore does not show CSS and JavaScript correctly. Linux does not support internet explorer and that’s why by the assist of virtual box you have to install windows to test your website.

Image editor: Gimp

Most of the people knows that image editing means Photoshop. But instead of Photoshop most powerful software is Gimp. User of windows can download it from as well as totally free. It has all the latest features that should have a modern image editing software.