Understanding The Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle Concept

When summer is just around the corner, a lot of people are in a rush to find a way to get their bodies into shape. This is because they’ll soon be hitting the beaches in bikinis and in trunks and the competitive side of them just tells them that they need to have the best body there is. Most of the time, people resort to crash diets in order to lose weight and trim some inches off their waists and their bellies. Now, this practice is very common among women but it is very unhealthy as well. When you go on a crash diet, you are missing and skipping meals and starving yourself in order to lose weight. This should not be the case. The proper way to lose weight would be to burn the fat, feed the muscle. Starving yourself does nothing to your body but make it feel deprived of the nutrients that it needs.

Other people go to the gym and work out as a way to burn the fat, feed the muscle. This is a good move as working out is a healthy activity and can do wonders for your body, not only in terms of weight loss but muscle growth and development as well. However, you cannot lose weight by just doing any kind of exercise. You need to know what you are aiming for, first, then have a workout plan and an exercise routine that will help you target your problem areas in order to achieve your goal.

Diets are also important if you want to lose weight and again, just like exercising, not all kinds of diet will help you achieve your goal. You need to know what you want to achieve so you can customize your diet according to your goal as well as certain conditions you may have like allergies and food restrictions.

This is exactly what the weight loss book entitled ‘Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle’ is about. This book was written by Tom Venuto and is one of the best selling diet and weight loss books there is available in the market today. In Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle, you will find nothing less than tips, tricks, ways and advice on dieting. This book also covers and teaches you about the basics of physical fitness which is an important thing to learn before you can set a workout plan or an exercise routine.

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