If there’s anything exciting to look forward to right after any wedding, it would be the honeymoon. Planning a wedding can be a very excruciating task, especially If you are doing it on your own without a wedding planner. It just seems too difficult to fit everything within your budget and sometimes, no matter what you do, it just seems so hard for everything to come together. If there’s anything that couples who plan their weddings on their own should splurge on, it should be their honeymoon because this is their time for relaxation, their first getaway together as a married couple.

Here we’ve come up with the Top 10 Travel Spot for Couples on honeymoon and first up is Spain. This beautiful rich country is the perfect spot for honeymooners because it has almost everything a couple would want, from mountains to beaches to forests, you name it,Spain has got it!

Next up on the list of Top 10 Travel Spot for Couples is Jamaica. With its pristine beaches, it’s no wonder Jamaica is heaven for the beach-loving honeymooners. Aside from that, Jamaican food is one of the best there is in Caribbean cuisine. Truly a must try for couples on honeymoon.

Third on the Top 10 Travel Spot for Couples is Italy. Enjoy a romantic gondola ride along the canals of Veniceor perhaps some shopping in Milan. Whatever it is, it’s more fun where you’re with your someone special.

Next up is Australia and the Fijis claiming the fourth spot on the Top 10 Travel Spot for Couples. This is one of the newest destinations that a lot of couples on honeymoon are being obsessed with. Not only does going here make your honeymoon special, it also becomes a lot more memorable.

The Bahamasis fifth on the Top 10 Travel Spot for Couples. The white sands and the blue beaches are sure to sweep you off your feet and the colorful marine life will make you want to be on honeymoon with your wife or your husband for the rest of your life.

Hawaii is next on the list of Top 10 Travel Spot for Couples and this state is famous for the grass skirts and the very entertaining and famous Hawaiian dance. Aside from that, volcanoes are also very popular here.

Egypt comes next in the Top 10 Travel Spot for Couples. This has been recently one of the most popularly chosen honeymoon destinations and with the rich culture, the pyramids and the beautiful desert stars, it’s not difficult to see why.

Mexico is also part of the Top 10 Travel Spot for Couples list. Mexico proves to be a refreshing tropical break from the American climate and weather and with just a few hours away, it has been chosen as a honeymoon spot by a lot of newlyweds, too.

Kashmirmay not ring a bell for you yet but it is part of the Top 10 Travel Spot for Couples and is quickly becoming a popular choice among honeymooners because of its title ‘paradise on the earth’.

Lastly,Switzerland completes the list of Top 10 Travel Spot for Couples. Well known for the Swiss Alps,Switzerland is also famous to newly weds because of the wonderful and relaxing scenery it provides.

Bed and Breakfast Top 10 Travel Spot for Couples in America

America is often dubbed as the melting pot of almost all cultures all over the world because of the presence of different races and ethnicity in this beautiful country. This is the reason why Americans and other citizens living in the United States have an easy access to almost all flavors of the world.

Here, we’ve come up with a list of the top 10 travel spot for couples who want to experience different flavors of the world without leaving the United States and the first destination on our list is the Ceda Gables Inn. Located in Napa,California, this bed and breakfast inn offers you more than just great food and excellent wine pairings. You can also avail of hands-on cooking lessons from the local Napa chefs and you get free evening hors d’oeuvres during your stay.

The next to claim the second spot on our American gastronomic Top 10 Travel Spot for Couples is the Chanric Inn which can be found inCalistoga,CA. This is also a Bed and breakfast In which serves their famous three-course brunch, all of which are made only with the freshest ingredients right from their own garden and the local farms surrounding the inn.

Another must-go-to spot in the Top 10 Travel Spot for Couples is the Mission Oak Inn in Henry,Illinois. This is Harts tone Inn and Hideaway which is located in Camden,Maine. This bed and breakfast inn brags of a five-course dinner and gives you the chance to become ‘Chef du jour’ or chef of the day.

The fourth destination on the Top 10 Travel Spot for Couples is the Ivy Manor Inn in Bar Harbor. This is also located in Maineand offers you a warm, cozy feel at their restaurant which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you love French food, you’ll love this bed and breakfast inn because of their ability to exquisitely mix French cuisine withNew Englandflair.

Maine’s Westport Island The Squire Tarbox Inn is fifth on our Top 10 Travel Spot for Couples. This B&B Inn is run and owned by a Swiss chef who is very experienced in the field of culinary arts. This B&B also makes use of ingredients taken straight from their own farm and offers cooking classes for groups and private individuals upon request.

Other Bed and Breakfast Inns that made it to our Top 10 Travel Spot for Couples are Yates House B&B located in Rocheport, MO, Abingdon Manor in Latta, SC, Elm Creek Manor in Gainesville, TX, L’auberge Edge of Seattle at Woodinville, WA, and of course, Home Hill Country Inn in Plainfield, NH.