Online Student Loan Comparison: Is the Site User-Friendly?

Shopping for a student loan online can be an especially difficult task as there are hundreds of thousands of sites out there that offer educational assistance. If you are a first-time applicant however, it is best to look over as much online student loan comparison as you possibly can, so that you are well equipped with the knowledge and confidence to choose the right student loan for you. This online student loan comparison will be focusing on the the top 3 student loan sites (according to a student loans review 2012, by, and just how user-friendly and easy to understand they really are.

NelNet seems to be consistently mentioned as the leading online student loan among many online student loan comparison. NelNet’s site has a very refreshing ambiance to it; the homepage itself immediately offers the viewer options from finding a school and a program, to guidelines as to how to write an impressive resume, i.e, the student is offered aid until when you are about to begin to plan a career. The homepage also includes assistance in preparing for tests from the most common, SAT’s (Scholastic Assessment Test), to the dreaded LSAT’s (Law School Admissions Test). NelNet also offers a link wherein one can find possible scholarship programs available.

CitiBank Online-CitiAssist® Student Loans on the other hand, has a very formal and rather intimidating site. Unlike NelNet, CitiAssist® Student Loans does not provide any other useful and supplementary information such as, scholarship grants, and goes straight ahead to the business of student loans; the homepage alone does not even include a calculator which of course comes very handy in the subject of loans and by extension, interest rates.

NextStudent, holding the 3rd rank among the top 3 student loan site (according to a student loans review 2012, by, like NelNet provides information about scholarships and grants, and even offers student credit cards and exclusive student discounts which is essential in purchasing essential materials such as, books and laptops. However, like CitiAssist’s website, their homepage does not include a brief but comprehensive view of what the website has in store for the viewer.

Finding an online student loan, and online student loan comparison is easy, the main challenge however, is to find one, or both, that is very easy to understand and highly informative even at first glance.