Image is the most essential supporting part for website. Bloggers and website owners are like to be use images for making better content of their platform. When bloggers write about any topic, they must use some supporting images for better understanding of their audience. Use image for blog post could helps to make better outlook and it is very easy to understanding.

Most bloggers said that “image is the candy of eyes”, that means it is very easy to understand the thing to using images. It’s true that image does not effect on your website SEO for the first time and also it does not help you to grow your reputation in the online. When you are use images regularly with more resources that will be great assets for you.

Keep working just four simple easy steps for making your images strong search engine friendly and boost your website.

Improve Image File Name

When we are taking picture or images by using on our DSLR camera, all the images are save by name like “0000.jpg” which does not actually say anything about the taken pictures.

On the other hand when we are taken pictures from online for different purpose, the file name does not actually written in the perfect form. So that we should rename the image file, because of this is the way to describe how this image shown and what about this image file. It is sure that a picture is a face of thousand words, sometime it works very quickly and you don’t think how big it was.

Fit For Alt Text Box

When we are going to submit images in our web pages there will be an Alt text box, we can take more advantage to fill that box. This will be more benefited for several search engines. Alt text helps search engine robot to find the accurate thing what people are looking for. So adding Alt text for the images is the most ethical way to develop a blog and website also.

Most of the webmasters like Google has already suggest adding Alt text for images which is not showing in the display but it is helps to find about the image used. It might be possible that you have lots of words for the image but don’t use more than 16 words to describe about that image in the Alt text box.

Write Image Description

Image description is most likely the alt text, bur here you may add some little more thing and describe about the image very well. Most of the time people are completely waste this place by adding very large description which is very bad for the online reputation and search engine ranking.

Do no try to over edit and make an easier description for better user understanding. This is text will be shown if you uses image hover system on your web pages, otherwise this description part will be hidden from the users.

Add a Caption On Image

Caption is the perfect way to communicate with audience about the image. Caption is the name of the image and we can evaluate the image by using caption. Our audience gets the informative impression to see this image and about the topic what are written here. It must be a great way to integration with people by adding caption.  It is as simple as that.

Bonus Tips

Common Image Size

The best thing is perfect image size for the blog post. Most of the webmasters are supported upto 20 MB image size for their websites, but this size is too lengthy to upload. Follow the common size of images dimensions will makes your content most powerful and search engine friendly.

Make your image suitable and choose the best size which is perfectly match with your content and fill up the text box what you have seen in the add media option. Particularly this was not difficult to fill up all those things but you will be getting more on it.