Because banks are, and will always be an institution that the modern world simply could not live without, and also because most mortgage lenders are banks, it does not come so much as a surprise to learn that the leading US mortgage company would be a bank as well. While searching for a mortgage provider may be a royal pain, there are certain things that one can do to help ease the difficulty of this oftentimes tedious undertaking; US mortgage company review cometh.

CitiMortgage is a mortgage company included in the Fortune 500® as one of its leading companies; CitiGroup’s mortgage-lending division, CitiMortgage is one of the most popular and leading mortgage provider in the US. CitiMortgage handles most of CitiGroup’s mortgage portfolio and in 2009 reorganized to separate money-losing units such as the CitiMortgage, to be able to have more options when the need to raise money arises. This enables the company to sustain itself without putting potential jeopardy to its other divisions. Aside from this, CitiGroup, CitiMortgage’s parent company has been around for a good number of years; a strong indication of its financial health and its long-term sustainability.

CitiMortgage has been mentioned in most US Mortgage reviews as one of the top US mortgage company; they have a great number of location in all over the US making transactions convenient and widely accessible. Out of 5; individual ratings are as follows: 2.0 for rates and fees, 1.6 for customer service, 1.5 for knowledge and expertise, giving it an overall rating of 1.4. Although these figures do not exactly shout excellent, CitiMortgage is still, no doubt a company to reckon with when it comes to US mortgage company. Having said that however, taking a close look at sufficient amounts of US mortgage reviews and using a US mortgage comparison as a guide should be largely considered so as to be able to select which mortgage provider would be best for you. And because different types of mortgages have different interest rates, the specific type of mortgage you need should be one of the primary basis when choosing a US mortgage provider.