Nowadays, almost everyone is familiar with image editing . There was a time this task was a limited task only among professionals. However, computers, laptops , Smartphone and with the use of the Internet has increased interest for taking pictures among all types of people . Upload photos to Facebook or Twitter doing almost all social contact . Before you upload the photos, you may want to edit your picture a bit.

Picture editing is a not a job for everyone but with the increase of time photo editing work has been also increasing. Particularly for social networking sites everyone upload their pictures. And in such pictures most of the pictures owner want to edit their pictures a bit. A lot of person want to add different kinds of effect on their main pictures. For in such work there are so many software as well as websites. In this content, we are going to discuss about some software and websites those are use for photo editing.

Photoshop: Most popular software named is Adobe Photoshop. This software also has the opportunity to edit photos from their online site. This site can be registered free of charge. Register for free to play with the 2 GB storage can be found here. There are various tools by which you can make new image, can edit, can share. By using 2 GB storage of here, you can create your own personal gallery and profile page. In addition, you will get the chance to save your video and streaming your video. Also have the chance to make slideshow. Also you can make video by the pictures that you have saved there and through animoto. This is the website of adobe:

Pixlr:  Another excellent site for photo editing is pixlr. You can edit your picture from different media. When you will go to the editor then you will get an option name “Create a new image”, “Open image frame computer”, “Open image frame URL” and “Open Image From Library”. In this site there are so many effects and tools for doing editing work. There is another benefits on Pixlr. You will get extension for mozila and Google chrome browser. After editing photo you will get chance to share or upload photos from this website to any another website. This is the address of this site:

Cutmypic: is really a handy website to cut any picture or to increase any picture size. Not only for increase or decrease the picture but also to give special color effect to any picture. Also you can change the shape of picture frame, sharpness, contrast reducing-increasing etc work by this website. The address of this website is

Splashup: Splashup is an effective website from where you can easily edit your picture by taking enters face. Not only uploading picture from your computer but also can edit your picture through any url from your internet. As well as flickr, facebook and from other any website you can add picture. It have multiple image editing features. Also you can control pixel level. You can share your picture to different social networking sites from this website after editing. This is the website address:

Pixenate: To edit photo another sound cool and essential software name is  After uploading any picture to this website you can edit whole picture or any part of the picture. You can also crop your picture, resize your picture, and rotate your picture and so on. As additional features there are “red eye” removal. The address of this website is

Fotoflexer: Fotoflexer have all the features like pixnate. In this site, you will get 7 sector for editing your photos including-effects, fonts, shapes, doodling, distortion, retouch and layers. Also out of this you can get a tools that name is “Advanced”. You can take picture from PC Camera or Laptop camera and also can edit by this software. This interface can be used in almost 22 languages. In addition, you can edit pictures that have stored on Facebook, flickr, picasa etc album. All the basic work is very easy to done by this software. The address of this software is

Aviary: Another excellent software name is aviary. This site is quite perfect for professional as well as those are willing to just start then also can use. It works for every platform. Beside windows 8 you can also use it on apple IOS and android also. It also works on HTML5 platform. This site can be a good site for developer. It user interface is really very easy and if you willing to use aviary then should visit this website

Picture2life: Picture2life is giving us very basic photo editing needs. Those are totally new on photo editing they can take this website as an idle website for them. But one of the best benefit of this site is that you can easily create picture collage by this website. Also you can easily upload your editing picture through this website to social networking website. The address of this website is

Drpic: For resizing, cropping and some others additional benefits have into this website. You can upload your picture from computer and also can any url from internet. This is the web address for this website

Lunapic: Lunapic is an excellent website by which you can easily edit any photo or can easily add any effects to your images. There are so many different kinds of features. There are also drawing tools, animation tools those are very rare to so many sites. The most benefits of this site is a lot of effects as a built in. The web address is:

Above all of these software are really very handy and effective for photo editing works. Both professional and beginner can use those. Those all of the above software really vital and easy to use. There are so many different kinds of features and tools those are easy to use for both professional and beginner.